Friday, April 20, 2012

Flower gleam and glow, Let your powers shine....

If I hear this song one more time I'm going to explode.

Ok so that doesn't really rhyme, but its pretty much my exact sentiment. Right now bebe is addicted to Tangled. As in its the one movie that calms her down when she's acting crazy. She watches it so much I could probably recite dialogue in my sleep. Who am I kidding I'm pretty sure I do recite the dialogue in my sleep.

This post has absolutely no point other than I need to complain that at some point today I will watch Tangled at least 3x. If not more.
Carry on

Blogging soundtrack: Tangled

Thursday, April 19, 2012

I'm a slacker

I admit this freely as I see my last blog post was in November.
*hangs head in deep shame*

I always have super grand hopes of blogging regularly and actually keeping up with it... But alas real life seems to sneak in and my fantasy life, i.e. this blog, falls to the wayside.

I won't bore you with all the apologies and the what I have been doing since ( we all know, sitting around watching reality tv and Tangled 50 bajillion times). I'll just jump right in like I never left you hanging, its the least I could do.

Its what April something or other... I'm sitting here waiting for my nails to 'dry' as in I can go to bed without waking up with sheet creases on my nails. Lots of things happening soon. I'm making my confirmation ( we won't talk about why I'm doing it now in my 30's * sighs thru pursed lips*) and the kids make their first holy communion at the end of May. This means partay happening. Which also leads me to my next project.

My cousin ( who I don't actually talk to a whole lot) had these adorable rosaries at her baby's baptism.
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Cute huh? And it smells like roses.... Of course a futile attempt at finding these online ensued, followed by a frantic text to another cousin asking her to please ask first cousin where she got these super cute rosaries.... Days later I find out what I already knew in my heart.. handmade from a friend of a friends best sister, brother's girlfriend's mother... Ok not that crazy, but it might as well be. Hell they might as well be made in Juarez that is how unattainable me buying these rosaries are.

I decide that I can no doubt make these. I probably only need like 30 rosaries. No problem right? I head out to Hobby Lobby pick up some clay to test with and see how my skillz are. Here is my test cross, rose and leaves...
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In relation to the other cross
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At this point I realize I need gloves and learn to make my leaves and rosette smaller for the cross.
Then I decide to actually write out what all I need to make..... A basic rosary has 55 regular 'beads' if you will ( hail mary's) and 5 our fathers. Ok cool.... lemme just type that into my calcu.... whoa whoa whoa... That can't be right?? but alas it is. For 30 rosaries I need to make 1,650 Hail Mary beads. say wha?? plus 150 Our Fathers.. *faints* not to mention the mini roses and leaves and crosses. *starts to cry silent tears*

Yes you read that write I need to make nearly 1,900 clay pieces.... Not including, baking and glossing and shimmering these pieces.... W.T.F was I thinking??? Clearly I wasn't. Maybe taking a trip to Juarez wasn't that big of a deal right??

Ok not an option, but what can I do I want these as party favors for this communion party. This means I need to suck it up and make the friggen rosettes.
To be continued....