Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New year, same ole' me.

Here it is 2014 and I'm still behind on my blog. I do apologize as I don't ever intend to stop blogging, but well.... What can I say?

So once again here I am: I've started crocheting once again. I even made a little business page on Facebook, which I do ok on. It keeps me trying new things and on track ( for the most part).

I'm trying to make a resolution this year to really blog more, take more pictures ( and as a bonus improve my photography), and to really branch out in my crafting. Oh and to carry my real camera with me. Having my phone has pretty much just enabled me to keep my DSLR at home. Not a good thing when I am lobbying my husband for a new lens for my birthday.

Because I'm a picture whore I'm throwing in some of the items I have made these past few months.

This was supposed to fit a newborn.. HA, more like a preemie. I put my phone next to it for size comparison. Also I sewed the ears on the wrong way. It's supposed to be a bear, but with the pink insides it reminds me more of a mouse. 

I eventually made 5 of these cute little hearts and made a little bunting ( no picture of the finished product as I am still debating on the chain portion)

A cute little monster hat for an adorable monster. 

I no longer will be having babies, but I cannot help but make baby clothes because they are just so adorable!!!!

Stitch's minion hat. Who doesn't love these little guys.

originally this had a face to go with it, but there were some, ahem, technical issues, that made it look like... well... a penis.. So blaze and muzzle were removed and it morphed into this. 

This is a little Amineko kitty 
(this is a free pattern, not mine, and it can be found here. ) So normally they aren't this small, but apparently I crochet very tight. I made 3 of these little guys. One for my mom, one for one of the twins and one for stitch. 

This is the twin's kitty. She loves Downton Abbey. 

This is Stitch's kitty. Who looks like Mr. Miagi. Wax on, wax off. 

This was the first one I made ( the purple, my mom's) It all started because my daughter asked me to help her make one, well yeah no good, because I apparently crochet so dang tight that my kitty is nearly half the size of her's ( the orange kitty). We used similar yarn and same size hooks. 

It's hard work being a yarn cat.. think i'll take a nap.

I made this adorable Jammie Dodger cookie ( also not my pattern, it can be found here) I had a grand idea to make 3-4 for Stitch's tea time, but she said no thanks mom. Brat.

Stitch has been obsessed. I mean OBSESSED with What does the fox say. Incase you have been living under a rock I will link the video in this post. So obsessed she made me put the song and video on her iPod so she can listen to it any time she wants. Did I mention she's only 3? Yeah, she's a diva what can I say. At any rate I made her this cute little hat and the day I made it, she suddenly decided that she no longer liked foxes... Fast forward a few weeks and Sunday she asked me to make her a fox hat. -_____- well played child. WELL PLAYED. Did I also mention I have no idea what she did with this hat? I don't. Now  I have to find it. Overall this is a cute hat, but the ears gave me a hassle. 
(also not my pattern and it can be found here, FTR I used Vanna's Choice for this hat, but in Terracotta and white and charcoal in Red Heart since that is what I had on hand, and didn't feel like running to the store for new yarn.)

Just in case you have been living under a rock for the past year. And I'm sorry if your child walks into the room while this video is on, because you will be forced to listen to it for many hours.