Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just a quick plug

I just wanted to let all my followers ( again waves feverishly at Kaitlyn) I'm also on Twitter. My Twitter. I use it a lot for my foursquare, but occasionally have an interesting thought or two. If you are into Twitter then feel free to follow!

Weekday adventures

I'm still dyeing onesies. I decided this time to hit up the thrift stores in search of onesies that are cheap under a dollar because they have stains on them. I hit gold at My Cedar Chest. There were a ton of onesies for $.75 a piece. One was even the exact shade of red I was going for in my first dye job. ( more on that later) This time I dyed 2 colored onesies, a bib, a pair of PJ's, a white onesie that got some remnants of the red dye powder on it and a pair of white socks that had gotten stained red from a pj. The results are pretty good. In my next post I am going to give my first (non picture) tutorial on dyeing. I'm sure my one reader (*waves feverishly at Kaitlyn*) is wanting to know how I do this. :) Oh yeah I dyed them Pearl Gray

the onesie on the bottom was the greeny color( the bottom onesie in the picture on the right) the one on top was pure white. You can see how they came out 2 different shades. A previous color made a difference. I had a third onesie that was orange and that one came out awesome looking, no pics yet because I put that one on bebe right away. lol
This was baby pink and a bit faded as you can see in the picture. I knew the zipper wouldn't dye or the picture and that was fine. I think it makes a nice contrast.
This bib was white with a pink trim. At first the dye didn't seem like it would penetrate the trim, but eventually it did. This bib had a lot of stains on it ( and it is also reversible) but now you can't see them at all.
Here are the socks and white onesie after dying. As you can see the socks took quite well. The onesie was a bit lighter than I wanted, but all in all it turned out nice.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crafty Thursday!

I dyed my onesies. They came out not half bad. I wanted them a bit more darker red, but they came out more orangey but still all in all its not bad. On top of the dye I bought at Joann's I also picked up some iron on transfers. 2 for about 3.70 each. Soooo what do you get with a $.69 onesies from a thrift store and an iron on transfer. A super cute outfit for bebe. Picture time
Here is the long sleeved onesie ( made by child of mine)
here are the two older onesies ( made by circo and have labels you know they are old lol)
these had stains along the collar from formula reason 1why I wanted to dye them

Here you can see where the dye didn't take. But I think it adds a cute look to it.

My green onesie( thankful I found it so I don't have to dye any lol) and my iron on
For about 3 bucks I have a custom made onesie that she can wear any day.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's onesie dyeing Wednesday!

Anyone that knows me knows I loooooove babylegs. The only problem is most of them do not go with the onesies I have. Most of those are super cutesy and girly. Pink, purple, which I love, but bebe has some pirate babylegs, wonder woman ones, and spiderman ones. She needs some different colored onesies. Of course I can't find anything even remotely close in the girl's section, and the boy's sections are mostly polo shirts ( lame-sauce).

This means, its me, a bucket, a box of powdered rit and some onesies. First up. Red. I will update for sure with my results and pictures. Promise.

Friday, January 14, 2011

I sit here with dirty hair.

** Disclaimer: This will probably be a lame rambling post you may skip it if you wish. I won't judge **

I'm patiently awaiting to get my hair highlighted today. Which is why my hair is still dirty. I am a compulsive hair washer, with super thin and fine hair if I don't I look like someone who hasn't showered in a few days. I miss my thick heavy hair. Damn you genetics.

I have made some decorations for the baby's portion of her room. Sadly she shares a room with me and the hubs because we only have a 3 bedroom house. For the record there are 7 people in our family. While its not the best, its just a bit cramped, but not terribly so considering we are a part time 7 person family as my step son is only with us half the time. Really its not too bad as our house has a good sized family room and the bedrooms are nice and big. Ok all that backstory aside... I saw some really cute decorations on an episode of 16 and pregnant ( no judgment please) and though heyyy I can totally do that, and for super cheap. Essentially its a piece of cardboard cut into a circle with tissue paper wrapped around it to make it look like a candy. I know I know useless with out pictures, which I promise to take some and post either later today or tomorrow so you can all see what I am saying. This coupled with the wall quote I ordered and a wall decal set I found at Big Lots, her area should start looking pretty nice. I promise once I'm done I will post pics.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Pictures and more

I made the soup I' ve been clamoring about. It was delish, and the kids devoured it. The real purpose of this post is to show what all I managed to score at the market and at savers. Shameless brag I know. I'm an attention whore that way. lol
I had to buy this Soy Sauce purely on the grounds that it says "Housewife Soy Sauce"
Somen Noodles
The two sets of chopsticks

The Pyrex bowl I scored at Savers for $1.99 w00t!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Technically it's Friday.

I finally made it out to the asian market I wanted to. I got a pretty sweet haul ( no pics yet, I want to use my DSLR and well I was really just too lazy to take pics today lol). I totally forgot to pick up the chili paste even though I walked past it 30 times but.. I found some oyster sauce, which isn't essential to my noodle soup but great for beef w/broccoli, and picked up some chop sticks. I could only find the dark grey soba noodles ( buckwheat) and well no way are my kids going to eat anything that is grey, so I substituted somen noodles instead. I have to head to Smith's or Albertson's to pick up a few things like carrots and red bell pepper and tomorrow I will be making kung fu panda soup for the kids.

I've also been thinking of decorating the wall that bebe's crib is on. Poor kid she has to share a room with me and her dad so sadly she doesn't get as much wall space as she normally would. Right now all I have is her name I made with mod podge, wood letters and scrap book papers. I ordered a wall quote, and am thinking of making some decorations involving tissue paper, paint and cardboard. More to come on that.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

...and the new year is upon us

It's about that time where everyone starts making resolutions and promises. I try to do those things, but usually wind up forgoing by day two. For instance resolution number one try and not fight with my husband.... um that lasted all of 2 minutes ( literally) after the new year. Lets all laugh about that one. This year I'm going to try and do things I know I CAN accomplish.
For instance I want to cook the kids this Kung Fu Panda Noodle Soup al a sophistimom. I'm tired of Ramen noodles and plain ole boring noodle soup. Which brings me to my next resolution: Try more recipes in general. I want to get out of the rut of cooking the same old boring things. I get tired of hearing "ugggh that again" come from the mouths of my children.

So to accomplish this task I need to make a trip to the Oriental Grocery store downtown. The hubs has promised to take me there tomorrow. Lets see how well that works out. I'll update you all tomorrow hopefully with a story and pictures.