Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I've been slacking lately due to Spring Break for the kids and lots of things that needed to be done, like getting the AC fixed in our van and poor DH and the car accident. At any rate. Everything is fixed now so hopefully I will have more time to blog to my faithful followers ( Hey ya'll).

We are full blown into Lent now. This year me and the hubs decided to give up fast food together, DH is also giving up soda and trying to eat more chicken and fish rather than red meat. I'm just making a commitment to eating better and not eating fast food. I can't do no soda. I love it. I am addicted. I'm hoping cutting out fast food will be a more permanent thing. I don't mind it once in a while but it seems lately like it was every day.

I've been experimenting with fish recipes and the hubs really likes the one I made recently. I hate frying/pan frying fish and I hate fish smell, so alternative is to bake it. but I hate the mess. Enter Foil. This is my new best friend. I have 2 recipes for you all tonight.
Fish recipe.
4 pieces of white fish of choice ( i used frozen tilapia from Costco in vacuumed sealed bags)
4 pieces of foil large enough to fold over fish.
half an onion cut into chunks.
cherry tomatoes ( this is up to you how many you want I did about 5-10 halved in each packet)
1 yellow squash cut into chunks
salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, old bay seasoning whatever you like
EVOO ( my nod to Rachel Ray there)

grab your tin foil, sprinkle whatever seasonings you like on the bottom, place fish on foil. top with veggies and seasonings, drizzle with olive oil. fold up foil. place on baking sheet. ( at this point you could refrige them till you are ready to bake, great make ahead, you could also fold without the olive oil and then before you bake add the oil and refold) bake at 350 for about 30 min or so ( or until they are done) if you are using frozen/partially thawed fish. Bake time however depends on thickness of filet and frozen/thawed status.
This a great recipe because it pretty much takes no time and is nearly fool proof. You could also simply slice some lemons and put them on top drizzle the OO and bake. so have fun add your own veggies, use what you like. Enjoy.

Recipe number 2 came about when I was wanting tacos, but didn't have ground beef. I did however have some frozen chicken breasts ( again a la Costco what don't they have there??) and a jar of salsa.. hmmmm
2 cups of salsa give or take ( or homemade whatever you prefer)
4 chicken breasts
4 pieces of tin foil
taco shells

Grab your foil, season the bottom of it with salt and pepper place your fresh or frozen chicken breast, dump about 1/2 cup salsa over the top of it. Wrap up your foil place on cookie tray ( again here you can refrige them till you are ready to bake. how simple!!!) bake at 375 for around 35-40 min or until chicken is done. open packet shred chicken. fill taco shells. have full belly.

happy cooking!!!!!!!

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