Thursday, March 3, 2011

Crafty Thursday!

I decided that today I was going to get these 2 mirrors my mother in law gave me about a month ago. They are very pretty, but weren't in line with my design scheme. I have a lot of black and iron stuff going on and these were bronzy gold ( btw the same reason my MIL gave them to me was because she also has a lot of black and iron happening and no longer went with her scheme lol). But I figured I could find a stain or paint to give them more depth. Off to the store I went.

I started with Lowes ( hello home improvement.. yeah not so much) and didn't want to spend 10-15 dollars on a teeny can of paint that I wasn't going to use a ton of anyway. Then DING!!! Duh Hobby Lobby has crap like that. Off we went. Success!!! I boughta bottle of black acrylic paint for about 2.50 and a 3 pack of brushes for about 3 dollars and I was in business. I know your thinking hello PICS!! no worries here they are.
Before ( only 1 because I started before documenting it)


and bonus I found this adorable birdcage on clearance for 15. Now I just need accessories for it. No pictures of that yet because the 2 I took are terrible and well too lazy to take more.

I did have some craft fail today too. I am working on my 2 middle kids ( i call them the twins even though they aren't... they could be as much as they act alike and are only 3 months apart) Tilma's for their first confession this Sunday. Yes yes I know procrastination, but that's not the point. Anywho I bought some tracing paper and Iron on pencils, where you draw then iron the paper and the pencil transfers to the fabric, so I could start. However, since the Tilma's are felt, i can't use the iron on the heat it needs to be so I can transfer the design or else I melt the felt. This is a disaster. However my husband had a good idea ( hey everyone gets at least one right LOL) use cotton then glue the cotton fabric to the felt and be done. GENIUS!! On tomorrow's agenda go back to Hobby Lobby, get some white cotton fabric and start decorating. Lets hope its successful, otherwise i'm stuck.

Oh and tonight's dinner I made anything goes chicken soup. After last night's disastrous honey chicken in the crockpot ( This lead to a fight between me and the spouse.... totally his fault btw :D) I decided the only way to salvage my chicken was to shred it and throw what I could find in a pot and make soup. Thanks to my avid Top Chef watching I remembered I have to give the soup time to develop its flavors. So dinner in about 45. Happy eating/crafting!

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