Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Adventures in life.

I've kinda been MIA lately ( from all interactive internet activity) to which I apologize to my faithful readers. * waves feverishly*
I've been trying to get out of my camera funk, and trying to plan some birthday parties that are coming up rather soon. However... This brings me to my post today.

I regularly stalk IKEA hackers as if we have an IKEA nearby. At any rate I happened upon this post about a DIY photo booth. Of course it gets my brain whirling about what DH can do for me. lol.
Anyway after clicking on multiple links and finding some amazing printouts for props *lightbulb* I'm so doing a Photobooth for bebe's first birthday party. I already have the cutest backdrop, a lovely vintage mint condition sheet I found at goodwill a few months ago. Time to get busy making some props. This required a trip to Hobby Lobby, that luckily I was already making, to procure some supplies, foam, felt, and exacto knife.

First of all, using an exacto knife to trace out a pattern is MUCH harder than some of these sites make it seem. But brilliant that I am I bought foam that had a sticky back which means it had paper on the back. I decided to trace the mustache shape then score with the exacto knife, then use scissors to finish off. Worked out pretty well till I realize uhhh yeah the back will be sticky, ohhh wait I also bought felt. YAY!!! I peeled off the backing then stuck it to a piece of cut out felt, then using scissors I cut the stach out again. Perfect. double stick tape, a wooden dowel and viola instant mustache. ( sorry no picture yet but hopefully it will show up in my next post) Its still rather rough and not as sharp as I would like it to be but but hopefully some practice will help that.

On to the second half of my post. This past weekend me and the fam went up to Santa Fe on Saturday for the Spanish Market. It was. Fantastic. The food, music, art, loved it all. I only managed a few pics because it was raining a bit and there were so many people plus its hard to push a stroller and take pictures. Also I'm still hesitant of taking pics of strangers in public even if its a crowd shot. At any rate I got a few of the dancers ( awkward angle because the stage area was packed and I had to squeeze into a corner).






This one is a bit over exposed I was on Shutter priority and the lighting of the stage threw off the exposure when she had her face towards the light with the fan bouncing the light. a few of them came out that way.




** the reason there are so many of one dancer is she was in the best position for pictures. after her the others were blocked by the various pieces of the gazebo or other dancers.

Seeing this guy carrying around his pup was just too cute not to sneak a pic.

Making tacos for the hungry crowd

on our way back to the car we got lost a bit and wound up near Loretto Chapel which has the mysterious staircase, and they were having a wedding. everyone stopped by to see the bride.
The flower girls taking direction

Glowing bride


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