Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm back from the depths of.... Regular life.

Hello my faithful readers!! Lately I seem to start off all my posts with I'm sorry. This post is no exception. I know I have been away from the blogasphere. Back to school has been crazy, trying to decide which sports/activities to put the kids in plus schedule around their pre-planned activities like CCD and the hubs school nights. Talk about a hair pulling moment.

But with BTS comes the fun stuff. Friday. Night. High School. Football. This year my oldest daughter is in marching band which means we have a legit reason for going. I'm stoked. So in preparation I've made bebe a shirt for her very first HS football game. This meant I get to do some crafting, yay for me, and take a trip to Hobby Lobby.

I wound up picking a rhinestone iron on because the original letters I wanted were going to be too big for her shirt. and it worked out since they are in 'Storm blue' and cheaper than the 'Storm blue' regular iron on letters with the pretty font. Sad panda. At any rate I picked up some letters, a mini football iron on and a number 1 for the back of the shirt. Stoked!!!

Front of the shirt


up close of the rhinestones

The rhinestones were a bit difficult to work with. When you cut the letters out the back kinda falls off, which sucks if you haven't place the letters yet ( but they are still moveable) and if you don't cut them right or place them right you have the issue I did where some how some of the rhinestones got ironed on to the plastic topper of the other letter. :/ but it works out because you can still re-iron them and they stick.

I hope to have some more pics up this weekend along with my current crochet project. Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

Watching while blogging: Project Runway.

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