Friday, June 8, 2012

I have nothing witty to say here.

I've been sitting on a blog post for about a week now. I have things to say, I just feel like my thoughts are too jumbled to actually put the proverbial pen to paper. Or in this case, fingers to keyboard keys....

I'll guess I'll just go down things I've done since my last post. I totally totally started to regret my decision to not plant zucchini. All because of those stinking zucchini sticks. I love those dang things.  I still had my patch of dirt from last years garden, I asked the hubby to till it ( he did, isn't he sweet) and I picked up some Seeds of Change seeds.  Pumpkin, watermelon and zucchini.

I'm impatiently waiting for things to start sprouting... * looks nervously out the window at garden area*

I then made some zucchini sticks. I love this recipe, I do believe I even linked it once. Its fabulous. mmmm. onion dip.. oh sorry I'm back. 
I have pictures for this too. LOL I'll spare you though of my sweating zucchini sticks and my how to make caramelized onion tutorial I had briefly thought of posting. ( you can thank me later)

I also made chicken stock this week. That was fun and interesting. I had this carcass from a costco chicken that I didn't want to waste, plus I'm forever buying chicken stock in the stores. I really need to stop. So I filled up my pot with water, dumped my carcass in, as well as some frozen not really fit for human consumption shredded chicken.. or maybe it was turkey. I have no clue, that's why it went in the stock LOL. I had just bought some thyme ( for a thyme gargle the doctor recommended for the sick twin) so I threw some of that in there too. I pretty much threw whatever I wanted in that stock.. mmm stock. It was great.... except I started it at like 5pm. 

Spot the problem yet?? I have to let it cool before I can put it in the freezer. I'm such a genius... Needless to say I did not stay up all night waiting for the stock to cool. Fast forward to the next morning. Time to start freezing stock. Now I must admit I wasn't exactly sure how to do this. I mean i keep reading put it in ice cube trays and pop those in a bag... Except I usually use way more than just 2 tbsp of stock. Plus I only have one ice tray ( no judgment please). I would be freezing stock for a week. So I finally settled on some quart bags ( because I buy in bulk from costco) and I spot my Annabel Karmel baby food freezer thingy. Problem solved.  Sorry these pics are all out of whack and order. I'm too lazy to reorder them. 

Stock in my giant roasting pan. it was easier. Notice the paper towel wrapped around the handle ( sorry Rose yes I used a paper towel lol) my ladle kept falling in and getting all gross. I had to improvise.

my baby food freezer thingy, this thing holds exactly 2 cups. it was kismet. 

see 2 cups.

delicious chicken stock in freezer bags. 2 cups per bag

In the end I wound up with 22 cups of stock. 10 bags of stock plus one fill up of the green thing. 
The only picture I have of the frozen stock.. there's a reason of this. I'm about to fill you in. Soooo apparently it takes DAYS for stock to freeze.  I'm talking I actually went to my forum just to ensure that it would freeze because this stock was seriously NOT frozen after 8 hours in my freezer. In the end it did freeze ( literally 2 days later) and I stuck it in my deep freezer to be used at a later date. yum.

I went by my local Sunflower market ( i love this store) and picked up some blackberries on special ($.88 per 6oz container couldn't resist). All because I had a hankering to make blackberry cobbler. I swear nothing NOTHING says summer like blackberry cobbler. 

I love this market, I'm sad because Henry's bought it out a few months ago. While I'm excited to get a Henry's I'm sad to see the Sunflower sign go...

Mmmm blackeberries...

I love tools, I bought this for cookies and it blows, but it works great for stuff like this.

see all covered up.

blackberries just oozing to get out and in mah belly. 

lovely, and delish. 

Well, that was my week in a food nutshell. If your interested in the zucchini sticks with sweet onion dip. Feel free to click here. Enjoy

Blogging soundtrack: Keith Urban.


  1. I got blackberries on sale this week too and that cobbler looks amazing! I was going to do the same with mine but then I make a blackberry sauce instead

  2. I let the berries stew in like a cup of sugar..mmm sugar... For at least an hour so I get a nice sauce. Its sooo delish. Honestly I'm surprised there is still some left. I may have threatened the children if they touched it they would be sorry.... May have. LOL