Saturday, June 2, 2012

Injury, red mountains and Indian Fry bread. It's a saturday.

Today was such a gorgeous day we decided to take a trip up to the mountains for the day. I may complain a bunch about where I live and how I hate the desert and all that, but I love the close proximity to the mountains and trees and such. I like to make the most of our area so this is why we sometimes make a spur of the moment choice to pack up and go. Like today.

Originally we were going to go fishing, but because it was 'free fishing day' through out the state we decided to forgo the headache that is 'free fishing day' ( after all the hubby only needs to buy a $15 license for us to fish all year its not gonna kill us) and take a day drive.

Everything started out fine, we got up to battle ship rock got our stuff out and started having a picnic. First  one of the twins didn't feel good, she had a fever. Luckily I'm like a boy scout, always prepared, I have some tylenol ( grape flavored, that she hates, but oh well). 

The hubby, video game junkie, and stitch had already eaten ( if you count stitch slamming back lays chips and cheeto's puffs eating, which she does). Video game junkie is itching to go to the little stream, I offer to stay behind with the sick twin. ( just before anyone starts counting up peeps and see we are short a few, Teenage drama queen is on a trip and the other twin is at his mom's for the weekend so it was just us 5. it felt weird lol) 

I got bored so I snapped some pictures.

Stitch and the hubby headed down to the water

The twin crashed out on the bench

Battleship rock

The table next to us. Someone I guess decided to try and light it on fire.. I have no clue. It looked interesting so I took the picture.

I loved the way this stump looked I wanted to dig it out of the ground and bring it home.

Looks like some animals clawed this one on the side. *looks around nervously for bears*

Well that was a bust of a picture.

She always wears crazy socks..

We're eagles fans can't you tell.

I guess some smart person decided to leave charcoal ash next to some bushes. Yeah that was smart. thankfully they were dead cold.

Stitch in her element. a giant bathtub.

Everything was going great, the twin woke up and was feeling better ( tylenol had kicked in) so we all head down to the stream. Then injury struck. Me.  I biffed it on a rock. It was sad and my legs still hurt. Don't worry I have pictures. 

Because I have kids I'm always prepared. With princess band aids and scooby do ones. 

my camera biffed it too a little bit. mostly just dirt, but I almost panicked to think I had broken it. It was fine btw just dusty.

After my fall we left, everyone was tired and cranky and while I was tending to my wounds Stitch had fallen in the water as did Video game junkie. The spell had been broken. 

But wait there's more pictures....

The hubby couldn't resist the road side stand by the Red Mountains of Jemez and bought some Indian Fry bread and a loaf of Indian bread. Just itching for some taco fixin's isn't it??

on our way home

These are on one side of road, I couldn't get a good pic of the other side.

I love how red the dirt/clay is. The legend is that the clay/sand is red because the spanish threw the Jemez Indians off the cliffs, so their spirit is always in the sand. 

this was on the way up. For some reason my phone didn't get how red the mountains were. I love instagram for that reason.

Sorry for the intensely photo heavy post. I had to make a lot of cuts, because trust I wanted to just load this sucker up. So be thankful I held back. LOL.

How was your first saturday of June? Injury free I hope.

Blogging soundtrack: Adele 21


  1. I didn't know R had a set of twins! Sounds like a mostly good start to June, so glad your camera didn't break. I'm not a fan of desert either but the mountains are beautiful and I love red rock and clay. My grandparents live near Sedona, AZ and it has the prettiest red mountains I've ever seen!

  2. one is his and one is mine, but they are only a few months apart. I just like calling them the twins, they also like telling people they are twins. ( boy and girl)