Sunday, August 25, 2013

Nearly fall, well in theory.

I know I haven't been blogging as much, school sucked my 'free time' out the window. I went hard 2 semesters in a row, logging 11 classes and 33 credits in 28 short weeks. I took a break from school for now only because I sometimes feel so burnt out. I miss free time, I miss my toddler time, and I miss crafting, blogging, picture taking and just being. Already without the stress of school I've managed to finish 3 chicken potholders ( yup doing those again) a shawl, and nearly half way done with a blanket for my husband. I already have ambitious plans to make a few more blankets, some more potholders as well as some clay covered crochet hooks that I recently became obsessed with.

With all that said... August is halfway over. School is starting, ahh that magical time, and fall is fast approaching. Since I spent my summer stuck in a classroom, I'm looking forward to fall. The pumpkin patch, hot tea, pumpkin bread, halloween, cool nights and getting to use my scarves and wear jeans and my boots again.

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