Friday, August 30, 2013

It's that time of year again.

Yup officially High School Football season. I'll let you in on a little secret. I. Don't really care about football in general. Yes I know. It's a huge sin, but well I don't. I mainly go because my oldest is in band and I usually just try to make it to half time to watch her perform. Otherwise. I probably wouldn't even entertain going. But alas I have no choice in the matter and I must attend.

I busted out my camera ( that did not have an iphone attached to it) you know my gorgeous DSLR and my 70-300mm lens that I love dearly. Sad to say I'm so out of practice. As the night progressed my pictures got more and more blurry. *sigh* Oh and clearly I could not pick my child out of a crowd because I took a ton of pictures that I *thought* were my daughter. And not one of them was. LOL. Dang those androgynous band uniforms. However at the 'magic hour' my pictures were great.

The last two I was trying to get Bolt in action, but with the confines of my seat and the people who just can't seem to stay seated I wound up getting a reunion of sorts in the background as well and my picture not quite how I wanted it framed up. Oh well. 

Speaking of spectators. I'm just going to rant for a moment. Part of the reason I hate going to the games is because the kids running up and down the steps of the bleachers. I mean literally thundering past us. We almost always sit on the end because with a 3 year old we sometimes need to make a quick getaway. And all night long there are kids ( teens mostly) who just are up and down the steps constantly. The old lady in me wants to trip them or scold them. Instead I sigh and give my husband 'the look' and get annoyed. /rant.

Well that is all for tonight. Tomorrow I am sure I will be back to post pictures of things I have been making lately. For now goodnight blogland. 

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