Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday night dinner.

Ramen. I know what your thinking MICHELLLE!!!!! Its sooooo boring!!! Yes normally it is, but I decided to spice it up a bit tonight. I know I know there are a million and one websites with ramen twists, but I couldn't find what I was looking for. So I made it up.
3 Chicken Ramen packets
3 cups of Chicken Broth
3 cups water
1 tsp of soy sauce ( or more to taste)
1 tsp of Toasted Sesame oil
1 tsp chili paste
2 tsp of Coconut Milk ( again more to taste if you like it)
1 ramen packet
canned green beans ( or other veggie, corn, carrots whatever you have on hand)
snow peas, or sugar snap peas ( or whatever you have on hand)

place the 3 cups of broth, 3 cups of water in a large sauce pan or small dutch oven. Add soy sauce, chili paste, and sesame oil. Bring to rolling boil. I usually allow this to boil for at least 2 min or so. Add coconut milk, then ramen noodles and ramen packet. boil/simmer for a minute to a minute and a half. Add vegetables you have, finish cooking ramen noodles for the remaining 1 1/2-2 mins.
Serve in cute mini bowls with chopsticks.

You can always omit the veggies and just serve the noodles with the broth, add chicken if you wish or other protein. I think its a good base to start with and you can just go from there. I used chicken because it was what I had on hand, but if you have beef ramen mix it with beef broth and so on and so forth. Veggie broth is also a great alternative.
This serves at least 4 kids 2 servings each.


  1. you mean 3 packs of noodles, but only 1 seasoning pack?

    i've love ramen noodles, but i never eat the seasoning packets anymore because of the MSG and salt. this sounds like a really tasty way to jazz them up. i need to keep this mind! thanks!

  2. Yes for this one I used just 1 seasoning packet. But if you omit the packet then you don't get that MSG/sodium taste. The next time I made this I didn't use the packet and it came out much better.