Monday, July 11, 2011

Garden pictures and update.

Well, my mint dried up. =( sad panda I am, my lilly of the valley doesn't seem to be growing too much and one branch kinda dried up. My tomatoes are doing ok, cherry tomatoes are doing the best, the others are still trucking along. My zucchini and squash are doing fantastic! I don't have bees, but the ants are doing a stellar job of pollinating for me. The flowers I planted in front of the garden area are blooming. I just don't know what they are lol. I planted more yesterday so hopefully I'll have some gorgeous smelling flowers to entice the bees to hang around.
Zucchini on the right, squash on the left

LOOK LOOK!! I GREW IT!!! (lol)

I seem to have more squash than zucchini, but its all good. look how cute it is.

These are the leaves from the zucchini plants in the very back. Ginormous..

My mystery flowers/plants. of everything I threw down there only 4 bloomed and I have no clue what they are... My mom says they aren't snap dragons, so either Imperial stock giant, lupine, or maybe even sunflowers. *shrugs* i have no clue. planting is such a mystery.

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