Saturday, July 9, 2011

8th Annual Pork and Brew

First I want to say sorry it took me so long to get these pictures up, what can I say, I'm lazy lol.
Anyway there were tons of things to take pics of and I took 601 pictures. *faints* here is a small sampling.
They had live music all day, this couple was dancing, melted my heart.

Not everything was rosey and cheery at the pork and brew.. Here you can see the smoke from the Las Conchas fire. :( its only 40% contained, but hope the coming rain helps.



The Trophies after all you need something to rub in people's faces right?


I didn't get any pics of the bbq pork. sorry too busy shoving it in my face. These were not as good as they look, the caramel tasted too much like butter. no bueno.

my brother being a smarty pants.

With peanuts... only my husband enjoyed them.

One of the cooks, yes he has a pig on his chef hat.. every time I had an opportunity to get it, something got in my way, people, I could get.

This is the first year they had a carnival. It was expensive and a little bit rickety looking but aren't all carnivals?



By the time I took the carnival pics I was sitting at the tent trying not to melt from the heat. That was the best I was willing to get lol. The food was awesome, we went on Friday so it wasn't super busy, but it was hot and sweltering plus it was on concrete so it was probably hotter than it normally would have been. blech.
Something that didn't make the news was there was a chainsaw accident at the chainsaw cutting area by the carnival. I thought at first someone fainted by the hubs said that he overheard someone cut a finger or hand.. *shudders* thankfully that was only open to pro's. However still scary to think that someone lost a limb or appendage.

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