Saturday, July 23, 2011


I am a tortilla eating champion. Note I said EATING. Not making. Today my lovely husband made dinner for us, however... we ran out of corn tortillas for tacos. sad panda. But wait.. I know how to make tortillas. Thankfully I have all ingredients on hand for flour tortillas.
I love tortillas and really there is nothing at all like a homemade tortilla with a slathering of butter on it. yum.
You can google recipes if you like, but I'll post a basic recipe.
4 cups of flour
1/2 cup shortening ** use lard if you can it gives it a much better taste than shortening**
1&1/4 cup warm water * important use warm water not cold, it works much better*
1&1/2 tsp salt

put flour, salt and shortening in bowl, cut shortening with a dough cutter ( or your hands work well too) adding small amounts of water as you mix. The dough will become elastic. make sure to knead well, but not over knead. ( i have no pics for this sorry)

Pinch of a small ball of dough, slightly flatten it out as you shape it.

Roll it out till its about nice and thin and as round as you can ( i suck at this part and most of mine come out misshapen. its sad) Important, use flour when rolling and when shaping the dough.

Place round or odd shaped tortilla on your griddle, or as I call it comal. ( this is after I turned it)

Once it bubbles flip it over. This is what I mean by bubbles. ( this is my grossly misshapen tortilla )

Heat other side till its nice and brown, remove, fill or not and enjoy. =)

Super important to make sure your griddle is nice and hot and to make sure you wait for it to bubble before turning it. otherwise it turns out like this still tasty but not as pretty. You can always throw it back on the griddle to brown it up.

This is my comal, well one of the 2 I have. this one is my grandparents. I can still see my grandfather heating up tortillas for my grandma on it in their kitchen.

hope you've enjoyed my tortilla tutorial and enjoy eating as many as you like. oh quick note, if you put them in ziplock bags after heating you can freeze them or refrige them. They don't last in the fridge as long as store bought ones ( preservatives and all) but they never last that long in my fridge anyway lol.

Cooking soundtrack: Owl City: Maybe I'm Dreaming.

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