Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sometimes I'm a nerd.

Ok all the time... I've been talking to my husband about this DS game all week. First I'm a complete HP nerd. beyond measure. I love pretty much all things HP. ( except the movies.. I merely tolerate them). I also love the lego games, OMG HP lego game for DS WITH Lego stylus. *swoons* [hey I warned you]
So since I spotted the game with the stylus I've been bugging my husband BUGGING him to buy it. Which we couldn't do till today.


Go ahead and judge me I can't be bothered to care because I am playing Lego Harry Potter. aww look how cute he is.

**edit I tried to add a picture. for some odd reason my HTML code isn't working ( from flickr) nor is the direct link. I have no clue what is happening blogger, but I don't like it. hmph*
**second edit, ok so switching back to the old interface i can now get my pics to show up. nothing can be smooth can it. I hate technology sometimes.**

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