Thursday, October 27, 2011

Adventures in Pumpkin carving.

This year I have been elected to carve the pumpkins. I don't know why. Its not as if I do it all the time or even know what the heck I am doing, but the hubs ignores any and all requests regarding the pumpkins. At first I thought maybe he just wasn't hearing me, but no I realized that he was purposefully ignoring me. hmph. Lets hope we don't wake up with pumpkin guts in your pajamas one morning.

We have 5 kids. I don't do 5 pumpkins so we bought 3 the boys chose 1 design, the girls chose 1 design and since I'm carving *I* am choosing the design for the last pumpkin.

I also decided I am going to roast the pumpkin seeds. I found a few recipes aside from the regular salted ones. Wish me luck on the pumpkin carving I will post pics when I am done. lets hope they aren't crooked.....

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