Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Who says a penny can't buy anything these days?


Ok so I didn't really physically pay a penny for all these products. But I pretty nearly did.
For this particular transaction I paid out of pocket $5.01. I received $5 in register rewards which made this purchase for all intents and purposes $.01

How did I do this... well let me start at the beginning.
This was my original purchase plan. ( well minus the laundry soap and purex crystals)
Originally I was going to purchase the Theramist spray since it would generate an $8 register reward. This would then pay for my second transaction nearly in full.
Here was my plan.
Transaction 1: Theramax spray Cost. $7.99
Register Reward ( RR) $8

Transaction 2: 2 dentek flossers on sale at 2 for $4 but I had 2 $1 off coupons making this only 2 for $2 and I would receive a $2 RR for these.
2 colgate toothpastes 2 for $6 with 2 $1 off coupons making them 2 for $4 and it generates a $4 RR
2 carmex bogo at $1.59 for 2, but I had 2 $.35 off 1 coupons ( which at walgreens can be used on a bogo) making it $.90 for 2 carmex.
2 pencils with walgreens coupon making them $.25 a piece.
and a soda to push it over $8 to use the reward.
These 2 transactions combined would at most cost me at most $10. (7.99+tax for the first one and then the tax plus change for the second)

What happened instead: the walgreens closest to me was wiped of dentek. boooo rain check time and an adjustment to my strategy.
Transaction1: Theramax spray $7.99
2 Colgate toothpastes ( bought as stated)
2 carmex ( bought as stated)
Total cost after coupons:
However I received $12 in RR

Second Walgreens: I had $12 in RR to spend so I wanted to make the most of it.
I decided to buy the laundry soap since I was trying to slowly stock up. and the Purex Crystals had a RR and a coupon so I had to get it.
So this is how it went down:
Transaction 1:
2 bags of dentek ( this wags had them YAY) purchased as stated
2 laundry soap, it was bogo at 6.99 and I had a $1/2 coupon making them just 5.99 for 2.
1 Purex crystals $4.99 with $1/1 coupon making it just $3.99 and it generated a $1 RR
2 carmex purchased as stated
and 2 pencils as filler for my previously earned RR.
This transaction total before coupons was: $19.91
after $12 in RR, a $.50 coupon for the pencils ( making them just $.25 ea) and $4.70 in regular coupons I walked away paying just $2.71 and received $3 in RR.

Transaction 2:
2 packages of dentek purchased as stated above
payed $2.30 but received $2.00 in RR

All in all for everything pictured in the second picture I paid out of pocket $19.05, but at a value of $40.95.
Not bad for a first timer.

I want to apologize if all this is a bit garbled. I foolishly decided I needed to post this at midnight. I'll be rereading in the AM to make sure I am not making stuff up. lol


  1. Holy cow! I should be your padawan!

  2. Esther it is sooo easy, it really just takes a little time. After Penny goes to bed I cruise the blogs and do my coupons and plan my strategy. I do try to buy only what I need/use. Plus the first time a cashier and customer stare in awe at you is a pretty decent high lol.