Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dear wind...

Please stop blowing gale force gusts around. You are making it nearly impossible to get a decent picture of anything outside. =/.
I had all kinds of great pictures planned... Guess the wind didn't get the memo. I got a lot of pictures of blurry lavender, non focused coriander seeds, and a ton of other useless pics. Of course the wind decides to blow only once I put the camera up to my eye.... Weather sucks sometimes.

However this weekend does look like it will have some amazing photo ops. The 8th annual Pork and Brew will be in town. *jumps up and down excitedly* My family is coming up this weekend so we will def be enjoying that spectacular. Monday is the 4th, but I am going to the Rihanna and Cee-Lo concert, I wish I could take pics, but its a no video no removable lens camera concert and I'm terrified if I take my camera they will confiscate it and I'll be out a very expensive camera. Guess its just me and my blackberry that night, if I could find my kodak I'd pack that but alas that has been buried in the garage. Plus I don't remember where my charger is. le sigh. I may just snag my stepson's camera since he never uses it lol.

That is where I stand today, no pictures ( my blog looks so plain and boring sans pictures). Hopefully there will be pictures after this weekend [maybe sooner, lets all cross our fingers and hope lol].

So till then, live long and prosper... err wait, nano nano... no that's not right... I'll just stick with have a great day and happy weekend!!

Blog soundtrack: Glee Volume 5.

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