Thursday, January 6, 2011

Technically it's Friday.

I finally made it out to the asian market I wanted to. I got a pretty sweet haul ( no pics yet, I want to use my DSLR and well I was really just too lazy to take pics today lol). I totally forgot to pick up the chili paste even though I walked past it 30 times but.. I found some oyster sauce, which isn't essential to my noodle soup but great for beef w/broccoli, and picked up some chop sticks. I could only find the dark grey soba noodles ( buckwheat) and well no way are my kids going to eat anything that is grey, so I substituted somen noodles instead. I have to head to Smith's or Albertson's to pick up a few things like carrots and red bell pepper and tomorrow I will be making kung fu panda soup for the kids.

I've also been thinking of decorating the wall that bebe's crib is on. Poor kid she has to share a room with me and her dad so sadly she doesn't get as much wall space as she normally would. Right now all I have is her name I made with mod podge, wood letters and scrap book papers. I ordered a wall quote, and am thinking of making some decorations involving tissue paper, paint and cardboard. More to come on that.

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