Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekday adventures

I'm still dyeing onesies. I decided this time to hit up the thrift stores in search of onesies that are cheap under a dollar because they have stains on them. I hit gold at My Cedar Chest. There were a ton of onesies for $.75 a piece. One was even the exact shade of red I was going for in my first dye job. ( more on that later) This time I dyed 2 colored onesies, a bib, a pair of PJ's, a white onesie that got some remnants of the red dye powder on it and a pair of white socks that had gotten stained red from a pj. The results are pretty good. In my next post I am going to give my first (non picture) tutorial on dyeing. I'm sure my one reader (*waves feverishly at Kaitlyn*) is wanting to know how I do this. :) Oh yeah I dyed them Pearl Gray

the onesie on the bottom was the greeny color( the bottom onesie in the picture on the right) the one on top was pure white. You can see how they came out 2 different shades. A previous color made a difference. I had a third onesie that was orange and that one came out awesome looking, no pics yet because I put that one on bebe right away. lol
This was baby pink and a bit faded as you can see in the picture. I knew the zipper wouldn't dye or the picture and that was fine. I think it makes a nice contrast.
This bib was white with a pink trim. At first the dye didn't seem like it would penetrate the trim, but eventually it did. This bib had a lot of stains on it ( and it is also reversible) but now you can't see them at all.
Here are the socks and white onesie after dying. As you can see the socks took quite well. The onesie was a bit lighter than I wanted, but all in all it turned out nice.

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