Friday, January 14, 2011

I sit here with dirty hair.

** Disclaimer: This will probably be a lame rambling post you may skip it if you wish. I won't judge **

I'm patiently awaiting to get my hair highlighted today. Which is why my hair is still dirty. I am a compulsive hair washer, with super thin and fine hair if I don't I look like someone who hasn't showered in a few days. I miss my thick heavy hair. Damn you genetics.

I have made some decorations for the baby's portion of her room. Sadly she shares a room with me and the hubs because we only have a 3 bedroom house. For the record there are 7 people in our family. While its not the best, its just a bit cramped, but not terribly so considering we are a part time 7 person family as my step son is only with us half the time. Really its not too bad as our house has a good sized family room and the bedrooms are nice and big. Ok all that backstory aside... I saw some really cute decorations on an episode of 16 and pregnant ( no judgment please) and though heyyy I can totally do that, and for super cheap. Essentially its a piece of cardboard cut into a circle with tissue paper wrapped around it to make it look like a candy. I know I know useless with out pictures, which I promise to take some and post either later today or tomorrow so you can all see what I am saying. This coupled with the wall quote I ordered and a wall decal set I found at Big Lots, her area should start looking pretty nice. I promise once I'm done I will post pics.

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