Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crafty Thursday!

I dyed my onesies. They came out not half bad. I wanted them a bit more darker red, but they came out more orangey but still all in all its not bad. On top of the dye I bought at Joann's I also picked up some iron on transfers. 2 for about 3.70 each. Soooo what do you get with a $.69 onesies from a thrift store and an iron on transfer. A super cute outfit for bebe. Picture time
Here is the long sleeved onesie ( made by child of mine)
here are the two older onesies ( made by circo and have labels you know they are old lol)
these had stains along the collar from formula reason 1why I wanted to dye them

Here you can see where the dye didn't take. But I think it adds a cute look to it.

My green onesie( thankful I found it so I don't have to dye any lol) and my iron on
For about 3 bucks I have a custom made onesie that she can wear any day.

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