Monday, May 9, 2011

More of what I'm growing.

Blogger only lets me upload 5 pics per post, and for some reason i can't even load all 5. *gives blogger the side eye* so here is just a small sample of things soon to go into ground if we ever get off our butts and finish the garden area. I think I mentioned in my last post how we had tons of plants going on, lots of veggies and herbs. I've already started drying some thyme to use for later, and using mint in the iced tea. super yummy. Tonight it was so nice to go outside and snip some fresh thyme, mint and cilantro without having to see if it went bad, or dig through the fridge to see if I maybe have some non spoiled/slimy herb lurking in the bottom of a veggie draw, or behind the milk. I really can't wait to move into our own house so I can keep a permanent garden.
Lavender in this pot

Sweet mint

Lemon thyme

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