Monday, May 9, 2011

My apologies and an update

Sorry everyone I didn't abandon my blog, merely got busy with life. We've had a lot going on lately as the school year comes to a close. We've had first confessions for all 4 kiddos, baptisms for 2, birthdays, family fights.. you know the usual.
Anyway. I'm still here, snapping pics and trying new things. We decided this year to start a garden. Tomatoes, onions, herbs, and a few flowers for fun. Lets hope it works out. I bought actual plants for tomatoes, lavender, cilantro, mint, chives and lemon thyme. I am starting dill, white onion, yellow tomato, and walla walla sweet onion, as well as zucchini and summer squash. I'm crossing my fingers hoping that things will bloom. So far so good, haven't killed anything I've bought. lol.
My garden area is blooming and I'm hoping to attract some honey bees as well. I've had some success with seed planting as some mystery seeds bloomed when all others died, and my sunflowers haven't keeled over yet. The honeysuckle I got at Lowes is going strong and I'm winding it around my trellis regularly. I think maybe my 'black thumb' has turned just a bit green. *crosses fingers* lets hope.
On to some pictures.( I'm trying to shoot manual when I shoot 'still life'. hoping to improve my skill)
These are my baby seedling dill plants.

My lone white onion

My lone yellow tomato

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