Friday, May 13, 2011

Today is tie dye day!

It all started because my middle daughter was supposed to have a tie dye day at her school for movie day. Well the other second grade teachers didn't want to do it, so they aren't doing it at all. Booo hisssss, mean teachers. Anyway I figured well wth, I can do this. Did I mention I have never tie dyed in my life. Ever. Not even at girl scout camp, at a friends, in school. Never.
After a few trips to hobby lobby, returning of some dye, and an internet convo with a tie dye expert * waves at Rose HI ROSE!!!* i think i'm ready.
I am going to be using the Tulip ultimate tie dye kit.
I didn't get pics but will post with finished projects.
Overall the kit is pretty easy to use, i had an issue getting the powder from the mini ziplock bags into the bottle, but i wound up just cutting it and then folding the plastic in, shoving the end in the bottle and viola. The only other issue, 8 bottles, but 12 colors. I wound up only using 8 of the colors because I didn't feel like trying to figure out how much water I needed to make all 12 colors. It would have been easy since they have a fill line on their own bottles... Just lazy.

The colors are vibrant and the bottles are perfect for squirting and just the right size for kids hands too. Overall if this is your first time dyeing this is a really good kit to use. It has the soda ash included in the dye so no need to soak them in soda ash before hand. Just make sure the shirts are damp. Tomorrow... pictures.

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