Thursday, September 15, 2011

Friday. Night. High School. Football.

I'm such a dork because last week I pack allll my camera stuff ( including my flip HD) fight the crowd down the stadium stairs, hope that my camera doesn't get soaked from the rain that was going on, lift it to my eye.... No memory card. *giant eye roll* I guess I neglected 1 thing. Good news though I did find my missing SD card so I'm back to having 2 cards. YAY!! lol

These pictures are from the first Cleveland game. Which worked out great because ( now this part doesn't sound that great, but really it was), lightening had struck the field earlier in the week ( no kids were around it was evening) so their lights had gone out. They wound up hosting the game at 5.30 perfect because the light was amazing.

It's the STORM!!!!

Cleveland Vs Bel Aire. [PS I love my 70-200 lens just fyi]


Dancers. They were pretty awesome

I'm pretty happy with my reflexes. I tried going manual a few shots after these and it was no good. My eye can't tell sharp from blurry after awhile. which sucks.


The band [well some of the band]

This part is pretty bad ass.




This friday we have off, because there are technically only 2 High schools in the school district, they play a lot of out of town games. They can't take the band with them when they leave the city, its nice sometimes not to have to rush around on fridays to get everyone ready and get to the game on time. But next week I hope to remember my SD card and get better/different pics.

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