Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why I don't like Wednesdays during school

In general I love every day of the week. They each have their very own special purpose. During the school year though, Wednesdays rank right up there with Mondays. Actually I prefer Mondays over Wednesdays. Sad no?

My main dislike for Wednesdays is for some reason known only to the state of New Mexico, its half days for school. And by half day it really means 3 hours worth of actual instruction time. Why? Why even bother? I send my kids to school by 9 they are home by 1. What can they possibly learn? NM is one of the lowest ranked states when it comes to education and we combat this by cutting out more than half a days worth of learning?? GAAAH!! I have more to complain about on this, but this is about Wednesdays, not my dislike for the state's lack of action.

Wednesdays is when we drop off one of the twins with his mom. [Just incase anyone didn't know the 'twins' aren't really twins, one is mine and one is my husband's. They are only a few months apart and most people think they are twins because they are so close and act like twins. So we call them the twins] Its always hard to drop him off because we miss him and he misses us and well we won't get into why we do it on Wednesdays. Again another post for another day.

It seems that everything happens on Wednesdays, cheer practice, band meetings, job interviews, errands I need to run. All on a day that I have to be home between 1 and 5. Thankfully I chose NOT to enroll the kids in CCD on Wednesdays. Then there would be just one more thing to complain about.

Today: I was all excited because I had spied a pot roast in my freezer the other day and I thought oooh I'll make pot roast on Wednesday YAY!. except when I pulled it out to examine the 'pot roast' I found it was brisket instead. Well crap. There goes one more reason to not like today.

Here's hoping the brisket makes it out ok.

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