Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Homemade chex mix.

All I've been hearing all week on my fav forum is about homemade chex mix. Raves upon raves of it. I've. Never. Made. Some. I mean I've eaten it. Oh yeah, bags and bags of chex mix. But homemade?? ehhhh people still do that?

Last week my lovely twins decided ( on their own) to take snack this week for their CCD class. Aren't they generous they volunteered me, their mother to make snack for class. so sweet. *grumbles under breath* I should mention, its a no nuts/peanuts/eggs/cheese snack. Well crap. WTH do I make?? Cupcakes? out, eggs... OOOh cookies, CRAP eggs. String cheese and fruit. CRAP cheese... *ding* haven't I been reading a gazillion page thread about the virtues of homemade chex mix? Snack time is solved!! *revels in cheers from imaginary crowd*

This is my friend's not quite perfected recipe sans a few ingredients.
I decided to make it slightly sweeter because its for kids. Not me. Oh and I did read all the packages to make sure none had allergy alerts.
My ingredients:
2 cups Rice Chex ( generic Albertson's brand )
2 cups Corn Chex ( again generic brand)
3-4 cups Honey nut chex ( also generic... and sooo delish)
1 cup Goldfish
2 cups Pretzels ( target brand had no allergy alert, but Snyders did)
1/2-1 cup Sesame sticks ( hell and high water to find.. finally found them in bulk snack sections)
2tbs Worcesteshire sauce
1tsp Soy sauce
3tbs brown sugar
1/4tsp onion powder
1/4tsp garlic powder
1tsp salt ( that giant kosher kind since soy sauce has a ton of it)
1 stick of butter

Special item: crockpot.. yes i said crock.pot. trust me. it works.

put all cereal, pretzels, goldfish, sesame sticks in the crockpot
Melt butter in microwave, add worcesteshire sauce, soy sauce, garlic, onion, brown sugar, salt mix well.

Pour butter mixture over cereal mixing well. What I did was pour a little, mix a little, pour some more mix some more, till its all mixed. Quick tip: taste your sauce, get a chex and make sure its the flavor you want before you pour it on the cereal.

Put your crockpot on low, leave the lid off and wait 30 min. Watch half an episode of dexter, or grey's or something you dvr'd. Stir the chex mix. go back and finish the second of half the show you were watching. Come back, stir chex mix again. Start a new episode or play a half hour long game of peek a boo in which your child never tires. Come back, remove chex mix from crock pot ( turn off crock pot as well very important tip), and give it a final stir. Argue with your 1 year old who doesn't really talk, about how its very important that they nap. You lose. By this time your chex mix should be cool.
Make sure your the first to the bowl.. enjoy.

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