Thursday, September 8, 2011

I have no motivation

I haven't posted lately because I feel as if most of my posts would be things like: I sat around watching tv eating tons of carbs and drinking a shit load of soda. Not exactly exciting. I'm in such a rut I haven't played with any of the yarn I bought a few weeks ago or worked on the blanket I've been trying to finish. le sigh. I have hardly even taken out my camera for anything. Sad. Panda.

This Monday we went up to the Sandia mountains with the hubs family. Still hardly any inspiration. I need a kick start. Tomorrow I am going to Zumba to try and get some energy going and some kind of get out of rut kick in the butt. Lets hope.

I took a few pics while I was up in the mountains. meh.. This is how depressing this is I can't even be excited to show you all pictures. blahhhhh.

I like how its blurry in front. pretty much how I felt. not fully focused



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