Thursday, February 10, 2011

A great easy hot chocolate

I'm normally a snob when it comes to hot chocolate. I usually exclusively drink Abuelita's Hot Chocolate. I love how it tastes with the hint of cinnamon. But I haven't had any lately. Sooooo time to experiment. We recently bought a big thing of Nesquick at Costco, and I have a shaker of cinnamon. So here is my recipe for hot chocolate
This is for 1 cup you simply multiply it for however many you need.
1 cup of Milk + 1/4 cup
2tbs of Nesquick
cinnamon to taste
Put the 2tbs of nesquick in your cup, put about a quarter cup of milk in there mix it to form a syrup of sorts. Shake in your cinnamon.Stir. Heat the 1 cup in a pot or by means of your choice. Pour hot milk into your premixed hot chocolate. stir and serve.
Now of course you can adjust it to your tastes, if you like more chocolate add more or don't use the extra 1/4 cup of milk. You can also add vanilla bean to the milk while its heating for extra flavor.

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