Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lemon cake..... semi disaster

I decide to make a lemon cake recipe. Oh but wait I forgot I am no baker. Meh I figure it is worth a shot. I can follow a recipe pretty well. Google has always been a good friend as has all recipes. I click on one that looks promising. I choose this Lemon Cake Recipe from I buy all the ingredients I don't have and decide to start.

It looks rather easy and promising. Despite the fact that I have never made filling or custard or anything like that, but I figure no problem the directions are really easy. I make the cake easily enough aside from my first sanfu which is I don't have 2 8 inch round pans, but I have 1 8x8 square. ok no biggie I just bake one cake at a time. The cakes came out pretty good, the one complaint, its not really lemon cake, its vanilla cake because there is no real lemon anything in the recipe.

On to the custard/filling portion. I did it exactly as directed, except the custard taste well gross ( to me anyway). It has this eggy/metal off taste to it. However my husband loves it. I have no clue, it is tangy like lemons but it just doesn't taste right.

I am going to be making the icing here in a minute and let everyone know how it turned out. I will say as of right now, this is probably a 2 out of 5 stars for me. The cakes get sticky when cooled ( the tops) and are overly crumble and fall apart super easily. I had a hard time cutting them. Also they are really thin in terms of cake which makes cutting a bit difficult at times. I would also change the name from Lemon cake to vanilla cake with lemon frosting and lemon filling, because of the non lemon in the cake.

Off to make frosting, report back later.

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