Saturday, February 19, 2011

I love a super chic yet easy hairstyle.

Honestly its like the holy grail of hairstyles isn't it. A simple yet classy style that looks good for day or night. But lets be honest how often can we find something like that, that doesn't require 80 billion hair products or some specialty hair tool that of course is sold either in high end salons or way out of my $15 hair budget?? But wait. I have found it ladies and gentlemen. I have found it.
Its the messy side bun with a video tutorial via Daily candy. Listed here.

I just did this style and it took me about 15 mins. for the first time it wasn't bad. It probably would have been less if I had had enough bobby pins and did it right the first time.

I improvised with some fun little heart shaped hair clips I had laying around and simply flat ironed my bangs. success!!! This is a great style if you have wavy or curly hair that you don't want to mess with that day. Or like me took a shower the night before, air dried your hair and realized you would need to wash it again if you wanted to actually fix it the next day. Get your clear ( or black ) hair bands and bowl full of bobby pins ( and maybe some fun accessories ) and get going!!

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