Saturday, June 25, 2011

I have a DSLR, but I'm not claiming to be a pro.

Lately I have been in the library digging out all kinds of books about photography, how to decipher all those terms, how to get out of shooting with my auto mode, and general books featuring some amazing photographers. Its been a fantastic learning experience. There is a lot I learned, your camera has so little to do with it. Its the eye behind it that matters, the vision you are able to execute rather than how to fix your picture in photoshop. [by the way I do not own photoshop, although I did download elements so I could make a watermark... still working onthat btw lol]
Here's a pic of my stash of photo books. Each one is making more aware of how far I have left to go..

Shooting soundtrack: Ke$ha: Animal.

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