Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Watched one too many cupcake wars.

We stopped by Target tonight to just get a crib sheet for bebe's bed. She has just one sheet and manages to mess it up every day. To stop the madness I decided I need another. Weeeelll.... It all started because we walked by the DVD's. They had the triology of Back to the future on Blu-ray ( BLU-RAY PEOPLE!!!) for 14.99 ok one off have to get. Then we start walking around, I stated to dh that I should probably just buy my mom a web cam so we could skype whenever we wanted, because I know my mom would never get one otherwise... that goes in the cart. We are in the kitchen area and I'm suddenly thinking I want cupcakes. Ohh I need a cupcake corer ( i can't find my apple corer) and an old fashioned ice cream scoop to make these cupcakes. Mercifully they only had the corer otherwise I probably would have bought the scoop as well. Oh wait I need cupcake mix and frosting and liners..... Ummm what did we come here for? oh yeah, crib sheet. *grins sheepishly*
As we speak/type? cupcakes are baking away in the oven, I still haven't figured out the perfect method to scoop batter out so each cupcake is the same size and so gobs of it doesn't stick to whatever item I use. I still can't find an ice cream scoop with a lever. grrr.
Pictures to come.... stay tuned.

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